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The Salvation Army began its work in Canada in 1882 and quickly became a vital part of Canada’s social services system.  It continues to be the largest non-governmental, direct-provider of social services in the country.  The Salvation Army now provides services in 400 Canadian communities caring for over a million people each year.  Salvation Army work takes place in 118 countries throughout the world.   

We offer practical assistance for women, men, children and families, often tending to the basic necessities of life, providing shelter for homeless people and rehabilitation for people who have lost control of their lives due to an addiction or unavoidable circumstance like disaster.

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Community Programs or (wrap around services), to help with recovery.

Adult Treatment Program
This program is influenced by AA/NA philosophy and clients are asked to attend AA/NA meetings as well as completing the 12 STEPS. PHASE 1 is a 90 day residential program with a 30 day buddy system. PHASE 2 focuses on goal setting, living skills, and relapse prevention for 6 weeks. PHASE 3 provides residential care to help clients transition to part-time work or schooling.

Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery is a modified 12-step program emphasizing Christ as the Higher Power. Another one of the major differences with other 12-step programs is that it addresses: addictions, codependency, gambling, anger, sexual abuse, mental abuse, children of addicted parents, pornography, etc.

Community Residential Facility
CRF staff offers a stable and welcoming environment in order to help clients re-integrate in the community on parole or statutory release.

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Community Services
3 meals per day as well as Amenities and Resources are offered on a regular basis to our clients:
Counseling & Referral Services | Computer Lab | 12 Step Support Groups | Nurses’ Clinic   Pharmacy consults | ShoeRenu Foot Care | Living Well Workshops | Education & Skills Development | Baking Certification Volunteer Work Experience Program | ProBono Legal Services | Recreational Activities | Spiritual Formation Substance Abuse Treatment Program | Men’s Summer Camp | Nature Hikes  

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PDP Program & Transitional Housing
As part of the continuum of care model, The Salvation Army provides the final stage of supportive transitional housing with Personal Development Plan Program. PDP was purposely designed as the "next step" for men and women seeking to break the cycle of destructive patterns of living, and to pursue independent living within the community.

This program targets:
Initial Resident Connection & Assessment | Planning & Linkage to formal & informal Resources | Monitoring & Resident Advocacy | Crisis Intervention & Resource Development.

PDP is particularly important as a continuum of support for men and women who have just completed a residential detox program. Clients also enter our PDP Program through the emergency shelter system, the correctional system, and through referrals. 

Residential Detox Program
Our goal is to provide, clean, safe, non-judgemental environment to those who are experiencing acute withdrawal from drugs. Detox addresses physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. The program is run by a multidisciplinary team that provides health care workers, nurses, case managers and administrative staff; as well as, recovery resources, housing and funding referrals. Clients are supported 24/7 by health care workers, with weekday nursing services.

Treatment Day Program
This program is non-residential, and clients are seen on a walk-in basis or by referral. This program appeals to those who want to recover from chemical and other dependencies, but who are reluctant to leave home.The program not only assists and supports individuals striving for an addiction-free lifestyle, but also helps loved ones whose lives have been affected by drugs and alcohol abuse of others.

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Youth Treatment Program
Youth addiction services have been identified as one of the critical needs in this community. Services are provided on a full continuum of care basis, incorporating a bio-psycho-social-spiritual therapeutic approach. The Salvation Army strives to create a structured environment through regular programming, recreation, and support with continuing education and obtaining employment.


Belkin House
Belkin House offers 54 Emergency Shelter beds for men and 28 shelter beds for women and children. It also provides 30 beds for Community Residential Facility clients. Belkin House also provides a personal development program (PDP) that accommodates final stage of Transitional Housing residence for an additional 77 men and 35 women.

Chilliwack Fireside Program
Since November 2011, Fireside Treatment Day Program has served the Chilliwack community as a comprehensive, culturally sensitive program of recovery. This program offers individuals and their families a recovery program with motivational enhancement therapy, relapse prevention and cognitive behavioural therapy. It also includes spiritual guidance and a 12 step support program.

Grace Mansion
As part of the continuum of care model, Grace Mansion provides the final stage of supportive Transitional Housing in Downtown Vancouver. Residents are welcome to stay for up to 2 years in 84 bachelor suites; equipped with stove, fridge and bathroom. 

Harbour Light
Harbour Light provides 2 overnight Emergency Shelters at The Crosswalk to 36 clients and a cold wet weather shelter at The Anchor to 40 adults from November until March.The Beacon and The Haven shelters operate via Harbour Light as 24 Hour Shelter facilities. Case workers are available to provide clients with meals, referrals and basic necessities. Harbour Light also provides 40 beds for Federal offenders re-entering the community in their Community Residential Facility. Professional counsellors and social workers give advice, life skills, and supervision to men as they prepare for a second chance at life. Harbour Light also accommodates Residential Detox management for up to 23 men and 6 women. Approach to recovery is progressive, holistic and supportive.

hope house supported by KaresHope House
Hope House opened its doors in April of 2007. It’s a 6 bed supportive residential recovery facility, and is the first Youth Treatment program for males on Vancouver Island. Youth admitted to the program receive: supportive counseling; life skills training; addiction education; relapse prevention strategies and recreational outings. Aftercare includes advocacy, referral, and family support.

hope house supported by Kares

Victoria Addictions & Rehabilitation Centre
ARC provides 21 Emergency Shelter beds and 30 Extreme Weather Response mats for the winter time. It also provides 40 Community Residential Facility beds for Federal offenders re-entering the community. Staff gives advice, life skills, and supervision as the men prepare for a second chance at life. The Transitional Housing Program provides 72 beds geared towards helping men prepare for independent living.

Clients agree to work with a caseworker on a personalized case plan to achieve goals related to:
Housing | Finances | Health | Spiritual & Cultural Connections. This multipurpose facility makes every effort to give its residents access to Adult Treatment Programs and Celebrate Recovery. 


The Salvation Army highly values its relationship with donors and recognizes that without their support, it would not be able to continue to serve more than 1.8 million people every year.

The Salvation Army believes that financial transparency and accountability is essential to its success and is a member of Imagine Canada’s Ethical Code Program that reinforces the Army’s commitment to high standards of accountability.

When you give to The Salvation Army you can be assured that your donation will be carefully managed and maximized to its greatest extent to give hope to society’s marginalized and forgotten.

As you read the stories in the 2011/2012 annual review you will be inspired by seeing your donations at work. You are important to The Salvation Army and the people we serve. They are counting on us!

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