Kids At Risk Embracing Success

K.a.r.e.s. is an acronym for 'Kids at Risk Embracing Success'. focuses on youth between the ages of 16-24 who have been marginalized. By donating to Kares you are empowering youth through engaging programs and services that make a substantial impact, at a critical time, bringing opportunities for a brighter future.

Kids at Risk Embracing Success

1 in 5 homeless youth use shelters

1/3 of all Canadian homeless are between the ages of 16 & 24

70% have been physically, sexually and emotionally abused

  • The Mortgage Industry 'Kares' with Friends and Partners
  • The Mortgage Industry 'Kares' with Friends and Partners

    K.A.R.E.S is a NEW national program for the Canadian Mortgage Industry Professionals and Friends. It allows mortgage brokers, lenders, insurers and other key industry partners to work alongside one other to make a meaningful difference at a critical time in the lives of those who truly need our support most - Our Canadian Youth at Risk.

Our Philosophy

KARES Our Philosophy Empower marginalized youth across Canada to reach their full potential through engaged, work-ready, transition and reintegration support services 

Youth Education

Education &
Skills Training

Youth Services

Housing &

Mental Health


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Our Vision

KARES Our is a program that adopts services specifically dedicated to help Canadian youth at risk. We support hands-on practical programs which directly engage and support marginalized youth in our country to reach their full potential.

KARES training teens with skills
  • Transition Support

    Transition Support

  • Housing Facilities

    Housing Facilities

  • Rehabilitation


  • Emotional Services

    Emotional Services

  • Therapy Support

    Therapy Support

  • Work Training

    Work Training

  • Employment Prep

    Employment Prep

  • Life Skills

    Life Skills

  • Career Counselling

    Career Counselling

  • Financial Literacy

    Financial Literacy

  • Education


Our Committee

KARES O Our Committee leads and directs this national program for members of the Canadian Mortgage Industry. Members include mortgage brokers, lenders, insurers and other valued industry partners who together to make a substantial and sustained difference to Canadian youth… at a critical time in their lives.

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  • supports Youth at Risk Programs across Canada. Choose a programs that speaks to you.

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  • See our list of Donors from the Mortgage Industry in Canada who support the programs.

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  • Be encouraged by the stories of Kids that have embraced success through the Kares programs in Canada.

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  • Donate Now. It is easy to give. 100% of your contribution goes directly towards the Programs that Support Kids at Risk in Canada

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  • partners with highly credible and accountable charitable organizations across Canada that have programs which support our goals to support Kids at Risk.

    The Salvation Army
    The Cmolik Foundation
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Discover more about, our stories, our partners, our community.

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Discover more about, our stories, our partners, our community.

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Kids at Risk Embracing Success